corredor p├║blico saltillo Adolfo Quijano

  • Public Certification.
  • Constitution of Societies.
  • Formalization of Proceedings Acts of Assemblies and Council.
  • Serve as expert appraiser to estimate, quantify and assess the goods, services, rights and obligations which are subject to consideration submitted to by private mandate or order of competent authority.
    Act as arbitrator, at the request of the parties, in the settlement of disputes arising from acts, contracts or agreements of a commercial nature, as well as those resulting between suppliers and consumers, in accordance with the law of matter.
  • Act as agent mediator, for transmitting and exchanging proposals between two or more parties and advise on the celebration or adjustment of any contract or agreement of commercial nature.
    Act as notary in the constitution and other acts provided for in the General Law of Commercial Societies even those in which is made to contain organic representation.
  • Legal Advice.
  • Registration of Trademarks and Patents.
  • Ratification of Commercial Contracts.